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People believe this picture is proof Back to the Future is real

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Great Scott!!

Someone may just have found a hole in the space-time continuum.

Yesterday, a bemused dad shared a picture taken during a shopping trip with his son at Costco on Reddit, writing: ‘I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years…’

No, nothing to do with the kid’s comb-over hairstyle.

Dad had spotted the elderly gent sat at the top of the picture, wearing an identical lime green polo shirt and plaid shorts to his son’s.


A freaky coincidence you might think. However, the people of Reddit do not think like that.

Someone immediately responded: ‘Surprise twist… that is your son. He time traveled to the day before your death… :)’

To change the course of future events and save his dad, of course.

Another person surmised: ‘Dad had his back turned when that guy whispered something very important to his toddler self…’


And someone else suggested: ‘Go up to him, hug him, and say “I love you too son.” He will act like he doesn’t know you to preserve the space time continuum but you’ll know he knows.’

Others, however, questioned why his son would come back and find the exact same outfit to wear, yet change his shoes from Adidas to Crocs.

This guy tried to assuage their concerns: ‘To not disrupt the space-time continuum. It’s pretty basic stuff, also he probably used the butterfly effect to drastically change events. This picture probably altered history in a perfect way as to not make himself disappear. However, he probably experienced some very strange things as it happened, altered memories and such.’

Okay then.

Either way, this is probably some pretty handy advice: ‘You should sign him up for a Costco loyalty card now, looks like he’ll be shopping there forever.’

Also, we hope he picked up that giant box of Kit Kats while was there.