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Rollercoaster Riders Left Stranded Upside Down On Alton Towers

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Riders left dangling on Alton Towers roller coaster

(Picture: Geoff Robinson)

This afternoon at 2pm, the rollercoaster at Alton Towers by the name of Galactica had broken down and left about 30 people stuck hanging upside down. Shouting and screaming for help, the passengers were stuck on the first slope.

Eventually, the ride had been restarted, but the cause of it all was said to be done by flooding. Before any action though, one of the crew members had climbed up to tell the passengers that they would be alright.

PIC BY GEOFF ROBINSON PHOTOGRAPHY 07976 880732. Best quality available picture shows the Air Galactica ride at Alton Towers stuck on Monday afternoon,May 2nd. Riders were heard screaming and shouting for help after they got stuck upside down for half an hour on a new Alton Towers roller coaster today (Mon). Twenty eight people were left hanging upside down after Air Galactica ground to a halt at the top of the first loop at around 2pm. A member of staff had to climb up to comfort them and calm them down after the rollercoaster, which opened in March, broke down during a heavy rain shower. Staff eventually managed to re-start the rollercoaster and bring the riders back down to the ground. Officials at Alton Towers told visitors the ride had been "flooded" and it is now closed.

(Picture: Geoff Robinson)

"AIR" The Worlds First Flying Rollercoaster at Alton Towers, England.

(Picture: Associated Newspapers)

Alton Towers officials closed the ride and have told all remaining visitors that it had been flooded,

Kate Smythe, who had came with her family, said: “We were standing underneath it when the ride stopped and all the passengers were screaming and crying, they sounded terrified and we were told the ride had flooded and I wonder if the electric’s shorted in the rain.”

Just last month, another one of their roller coasters were opened after being shut down for 9 whole months when a crash had left 2 teenagers needing leg amputations. Others were also injured when their carriage had slammed into one of the stationary ones.